TON BULLS is a collection of randomly generated NFTs for the TON (The Open Network) blockchain. The first generation consists of 10,000 randomly created bulls from more than 150,000 variations. The bull is made of a unique combination of background, skin, face, clothing and headdress, or hairstyle. Each layer has a specific rarity. Every bull is unique, but there are some that are especially rare.
About bullionics
Bullonics is a pseudo-scientific concept, at the intersection of the hard sciences and esotericism, through which you can determine what kind of bull you are. Bullonics can determine, with an accuracy of 67.77%, how you will behave in any given situation: your consumer behavior, your musical preferences, and even the name of your pet.
Forget about Rorschach tests, association games, and psychotherapy. To recognize yourself, you need to know what kind of bull you are.
What kind of bull can you be?
Each bull is unique, but has one main trait that defines him into one of the 4 personality types.
He makes decisions in a rush of emotion, looking at fluctuating schedules, and he's always happy to jump on the leaving train
Yellow Romantic (40%)
He's already figured out a little bit of what's what, but he always reserves the right to doubt, his credo is trust but verify
Blue Sage (30%)
Green Idealist (20%)
He constantly comes up with ideas for startups and infects those around him with his ideas. Believes in the power of community and a bright future
Wise Robot (10%)
He has a cold mind and patience. He is calm and cool-blooded, sees the risks and makes well-balanced decisions
Become a part of our community
2021 was the year of the Bull.
Our bulls have managed to do a lot of things.
NFT has become mainstream art in 2021. Now even your grandma knows something about digital art. NFT could be the backbone of the economy of future meta-universes. Meanwhile, the most expensive NFT in the world was sold for $69.3 million.
Facebook changed its name to Meta and focused on creating a meta-universe. A virtual space in which users can do everything that is possible and impossible in normal life.
TON has finally come to life Telegram has transferred the domain as well as the original technology to the TON Foundation team. At the moment there are more than 80,000 wallets on the network, and the team is not planning to stop.
The Bull is every one of us
Everyone who is part of the community

Everyone who curiosity follows what's happening

Everyone who believes that the future is here

Drawing and developing a collection
Creation of the RU community
Development of the Bull's Valley concept
Pre-order bulls for Early Birds
Marketing campaign in the NFT community worldwide
Day of collection sale
Launch of tokens and Bull's Valley
We are focused on the feedback from the community and together with you we will create a plan for further actions. One possible vector of development is a DAO with the release of useful products for the TON and NFT community, where the beneficiaries will be bull owners. We also want bulls to graze in the pastures of meta universes or hang on the walls of their owners' virtual homes. For bull owners, 2022 is sure to be an interesting year.

We're here to have fun, play and create new things.
What is NFT?
NFT stands for "non-fungible token". The difference between NFT and conventional tokens is that each such token is unique and exclusive.

For example, there are over 100 million ETH tokens, each of which is a token and is no different from any other token of the same kind. But in NFT, each such token contains a unique value, such as a bull from TON Bulls, of which there may be 10,000 in total. Each bull is made from a random combination of background, face, clothing, and hairstyle, which makes it unique.
Why did we choose TON?
In all existing blockchains, any cotent tied to an NFT is stored outside the blockchain. You can't be sure about the reliability of this approach, since any NFT now lies on centralized servers.
TON (The Open Network) can change the rules of the game with TON Storage, which will allow NFTs to be stored inside the blockchain.
How to buy TON BULLS?
Information will be available soon on the official channel and website. Stay tuned for more updates.
What can I do with my bull?
You can do anything you want with it under a non-exclusive license.